College-age Rape Litigation

Ruth Rymer August 10, 2018
Litigation charges on campus sexual assaults

Colleges or universities are places of learning. They are places that guide students in achieving their goals. However, the increasing number of litigation cases show the dangers college students face from sexual assault.

Basically, sexual assault is any sexual contact or activity instigated without a person . . .

Rape on Campus Is the Elephant in the Room

Ruth Rymer August 3, 2018
Do not turn a blind eye on brutal rape culture

A campus is ideally a safe environment for learning and character development. Yet, of course, safety is compromised when crimes occur, let alone when these crimes become a culture. One of the most provocative is the rape culture, which is rampant in campuses.

On Campus Rape Cases

There are numerous . . .

6 Ways for Women to Master the Art of Negotiation

Ruth Rymer July 27, 2018
How to improve communication and negotiation skills

Unlike in the past, numerous women and men have now spoken up and fought for gender equality, not just in the workplace but also in the community. However, while there are tens of thousands of women who are negotiating for what they need and what is right for them, there are still many women who are disin . . .

Are Women Finally Earning the Credit They Deserve in Their Profession?

Ruth Rymer July 20, 2018
The freedom in choosing a profession has improved for women

“She couldn’t be a scientist because girls don’t have minds for science”—this is one of the many misconceptions about women aimed at the protagonist’s sister in the second part of my book, Perfect Clarity, which clearly suggests women do not have the capacity to work in cognit . . .

Breaking Negative Attitude

Ruth Rymer July 13, 2018
Overcoming negative attitude society imposes on women

Society enforces countless restrictions on women, even on the most trivial tasks, like how to dress, how to socialize, or how to act in front of other people. A lot of women face criticism and harassment on a daily basis, and the negative attitude society directs at women seems to be endless.

The boo . . .

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