A Dosage of Birth Control

Ruth Rymer July 6, 2018
Importance of birth control on families in the community

Our world consists of a lot of living and non-living things, but the species with the largest population are the human beings.

There are 7.6 billion people in the whole world, and it’s still increasing as the days pass by. That’s why most of the countries implement birth control programs to ma . . .

The Roles of Anger and Denial in Domestic Violence

Ruth Rymer June 29, 2018
How anger and denial fuel domestic abuse

It’s no secret that domestic abuse is still a prevalent problem in modern society. According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCADV), an average of nearly 20 people per minute are abused by their partners in the United States. In a year, it amounts to more than 10 million victims.

Abuse case . . .

Domestic Violence

Ruth Rymer June 22, 2018
How to Effectively Combat the Causes of Domestic Violence

Every minute, an average of 20 people experience abuse by their partners. In total, there are over 10 million victims of abuse each year. This does not include unreported cases of violence. This means that abuse is an epidemic that slowly creeps through the deposits of society, yet this issue is not . . .

Academic Opportunities: Take Advantage of Them

Ruth Rymer June 8, 2018
There are many areas of opportunities when it comes to education

It is a common misconception that educational opportunities are limited. There are worldwide academic opportunities that are being provided to students who want to have a better life. The main goal of the universities and colleges in providing these opportunit . . .

Women Discrimination Could Be the Reason for Lack of Jobs for Women in the Workforce

Ruth Rymer May 31, 2018
Employment equal opportunity is still a distant dream as women discrimination in the workforce continues blatantly

While women are doing exceptionally well in studies, the workplace portrays an opposite picture. From big corporate houses to small organizations, women discrimination in the workforce is much alive and well in . . .

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