Breaking Negative Attitude

Ruth Rymer July 13, 2018
Overcoming negative attitude society imposes on women

overcoming negative attitude

Society enforces countless restrictions on women, even on the most trivial tasks, like how to dress, how to socialize, or how to act in front of other people. A lot of women face criticism and harassment on a daily basis, and the negative attitude society directs at women seems to be endless.

The book Perfect Clarity shows how women suffer from being inferior to men in early times. But the book’s theme is woman empowerment, as seen by how the female protagonists handle difficult situations using their individual strengths.

Despite the changing times, there are effective ways to overcome negative attitude toward women. Making use of all these techniques will allow you to transform yourself for the better.

  1. Find your confidence. When overcoming negative attitude, boosting your confidence is of utmost importance. Confidence can help you penetrate the negativity and leave unscathed.
  2. Accept the negative positively. Maintaining a positive mind-set and establishing a safe space will help you build up confidence, lessen the stress, and eliminate bad vibes. It’s not your fault if people can’t accept you for who you are, so it’s best to fully accept yourself as someone who has both positive and negative traits.
  3. Know your self-worth. As the saying goes, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” Ultimately, knowing one’s worth and not settling for anything less open a lot of great possibilities for your future.
  4. Don’t limit yourself. Always be open to learning new things and be accepting of whatever changes happens. Don’t listen to anyone who try to put you down, and prove them wrong by doing your best.
  5. Be yourself. Revealing yourself to the world is not a sin, so just be yourself. And don’t be afraid to receive negative criticism because it does not define who you truly are.

Critics who don’t have anything better to do with their lives will always be there. People will constantly judge other people, and they can have positive attitude and negative attitude on the choices you make for your life. What you can do is don’t mind the negative things because you know yourself better than others and you are perfectly imperfect, no matter what others say.

Got ideas on how to overcome negative attitudes toward women? I’d be glad to trade thoughts with you. Leave a comment below, or send me a message on my Twitter, and Goodreads accounts. Likewise, read my book Perfect Clarity for more inspiration about woman empowerment.



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